Sunday, April 17, 2011


Passing out from the college had dual emotions . There was a gloominess in the surroundings picturing the pain of leaving the college .I was leaving the college who change my life . I was sad because i was leaving not only the college , but friends and everything which i liked in the college too. But my feelings were little vibrant too as i was going to adopt a new form of life i.e. Corporate life.

I saw that everything is planned . Take the work experience of 2-3 years , Go for Higher Studies , Come back and work in a good company at a good position or do a start-up . Things were looking so much simple and elementary . I never felt the need of a contingency plan . But things got changed when i stepped into the Reality. When you join a company, you not only increase money in your pocket but you increase liabilities too. It is the life which comes with the cost of changing your full life style . Slowly slowly you get addicted to the perks and facilities provided to you by this new life. The ambition which looked so simple just after gradation suddenly became unachievable. I just got lost in the intricacies of this corporate world .

Jon brings new responsibilities .Your job increases expectation of your family . Your job brings new liabilities . Your frugal life style becomes a lavish one . Effectively you become a slave of your own job . You get addicted to it . I am not saying that i got succumbed to it , but the vigor and enthusiasm i used to have for study before this has got lost somewhere . Slowly i have become more specific . I don't want to read stuff which is not useful in my job . I just want to do everything limited .

Now when i think about higher studies the big question which haunts my mind is "What should i do ? ". I see Higher studies more as a value addition to my current situation in employee - employer relationship . I don't see it as commodity which will actually increase my knowledge of life . It has become a profit-gain game . I value it as a return-investment plan . If i do MS by GRE from US Institute i would be paying at-least x amount and will get a job of at-least y amount . Same scenario revolves for CAT , GATE and last but not the least , what if i stay at the job for some more time ? These questions are unanswerable .

Monday, January 4, 2010

What does happen When It Comes to You !!!

I have enjoyed writing about the rankings and placement of engineering colleges of India . But never wondered ,What does happen when it comes to you ?? Its not a comical post but rather a serious one. Till now I have presented all the results with the prospective of a College and not an Individual . But , finally all things boil down to an Individual . In this post i am not presenting any fact about placements stuff . But, i am presenting the true feelings of a person who is going to face the phase of life when he would be sitting for placement in his campus . At this path of life i wonder that Does he care about the average package of his college ?? , Does he care about the numbers of Jobs offered in his college?? , until or unless he is not satisfied.

Until Few Months back whenever someone used to brag about the splendid placement of my college , i used to feel elated and revered . I used to believe everything good he's saying ,even though i knew that he was exaggerating . My feelings had same apparition as discern by a person who recently got placed . Please don't consider me a braggart but I had a positive attitude for even the worst things of my college . I never saw any fault in them . We used to praise people who outmaneuvered others in placement , but never uttered anything for the few improbable happenings .

But now as it has come to me , i neither feel scared nor enthusiastic . I just have curiosity . I don't know whether there will be scorn or reverence . I don't know whether there will be deafening silence or enthusiasm . I don't know whether there will be lampooning or compliments . I don't know whether I will be remembered or forgotten . I don't know whether there will be devolution or coronation . I don't know whether i will taste the wine of getting placed or not. I don't know whether it will satisfy me or not . But thing i do know is that It won't be same again . I wouldn't be talking and writing about the colleges and placements again as the way i do.

Just like a normal human being i await the advent of "Dream , come true day" when I will get satisfactory placed on campus . Its not just about getting placed , your whole wonderful life at your wonderful campus depends on a single thread . Its about ending a beautiful story with a beautiful end . Now , I realized that a slight change in perception brings a colossal change in the meaning . I wish all the people who are going to face placement in the campus that " You get whatever you dreamt off to put your beautiful story to a beautiful end . Best of luck !!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Placement analysis of IIT Roorkee

Today I will be reviewing the placement of IIT-Roorkee. As we all know it stands among one of the prominent engineering colleges of India. It is among the oldest colleges of India too. It is famous for its civil engineering. The placement statistics which I am going to present is not recent. They belong to the placement of year 2007-08.

The average placement of IIT Roorkee in 2007-08 was 5.5 lpa, which is quite fascinating with some outstanding placement in non circuit branches like mechanical, civil etc. Although IIT Roorkee is located at a remote location its placement details show no defects at all. This shows the hard work of the Placement division of IIT Roorkee and capability, intelligence of the students pursuing degree in this college. Recently a rumor was heard that IIT Roorkee is opening a new placement cell in Delhi. If this rumor is correct than it will further improve the condition of placement in IIT Roorkee and will place its position among the top engineering colleges of India in terms of placement.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

I don't want to be jobless !!!

Recession , recession & recession , Now i feel that this word is a real culprit . I thought of changing my blog title form "Engineering colleges of India " to " Recessing colleges of India " , I know that does not make any sense . Here is a chat between two guys who both are studying at a very good engineering colleges where placement was calculated in no. of jobs offered to a single student. Mind you ," was " is really important .

Let give them some fictitious names . Suppose first guy is ramesh and second is mahesh , and I will put a space for every letter .. i don't want to write on my blog ................(because they form a bad word :) ) . But for readers who can understand that language , there will be hint provided .

Ramesh : What about placement this semester ?

Mahesh : GH _ _ T _
There are just 19 companies till now .
that's it .

Ramesh: F_ C _
Your condition is poor than us dude .

Mahesh : 1

Ramesh : We have just 35 companies registered till now .

Mahesh : You are also F _ C _ _ D dude :)

Ramesh : I have only one hope ..... Higher studies .

Mahesh : Getting a good college will be a challenge now .....
We have 300 people sitting for placement .
There is very little chance that even 100 will get placed t .

Ramesh : Oye ... I just got a F_ _ K _ _G news dude...... Infy selected 3 Guys for shorlisting
ha ha ha............... this is biggest joke of my life .

Mahesh : Dude ... I can see my only hope getting shattered :( .
and dude .... Sun went without taking a F _ _ K _ _ G students from our college
ab to sab M _ _ C H _ _ _ Y _ .......

Ramesh : Mujhe koi bhi C _ _ T _ _ A job de do ...yaaar ... kar loonga

Mahesh : Dude ... don't get pissed .......... takdeer mein jo likha hai wahi hota hai .......
hamari takdeer mein college placement nahi hai bhai

Ramesh : Tu M _ _ C _ U _ A ...... i will a take any F _ _ _ I _ G 3 Lac per annum job but i will get placed , yes !!!.

Mahesh : Beta bhaav kam ker le apne ..... bahut ud raha hai ........ he he ...let's talk something else.

Ramesh : ye kam nahi hai kya ....... yeah .. you r right ....... us bandi ka kya hua be

and the Conversion continued ........................

but they never came to this placement topic again ...... this pitiable condition is prevailing in nearly all Indian engineering colleges . After watching this condition , i am thinking that whether i will get placed or not during my campus placement .. ..... in a maximum possible positive attitude also i have a doubt of getting a good job . I don't want to be unemployed after these wonderful 4 years of my college life . Let us all pray to god ......... " God ye recession ko uthale re , nahi to yeh hame utha lega :P " .

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Recession : Job or No Job !!

1. IT firms go slow on campus hiring - telugutimes

2. Economic slowdown forces Wipro to put cap on campus recruitment

These news clearly indicates the effect of recession on the recruitment of students during campus placement. Now I will like to describe that actually what is recession ?? and How is it being related to placement in engineering colleges .

What is Recession ??

Recession means a temporary decline in the economic prosperity or economy. It is basically a fall of economy and decline in the economic condition for a small period of time . Our world is currently living in the verge of a great economic downfall or we can even consider it as a crises . It has basically effected nearly all the sectors of economy , but majorly it has effected Banking sector .

Reason for recession ..

It wasn't just a day mistake which has just put us in front of this huge problem .Let me explain you what i read and understood. Few years ago US economy was increasing at a very faster rate and there was huge boom in real state and housing sector. Since rate was really high it was difficult for a common person to buy an asset for him . So, US lending institutions and mortgage firms came with a new solution of giving loans to non- potential buyers to purchase these asset with a interest rate double than what usually being taken from a potential buyer .

So, gradually a huge money got involved in this business as the profit was huge . Finally non - potential buyers were unable to pay the bills and they became the lost entity of the lending institution , they recovered the asset but no one was buying them and finally situation of bankruptcy prevailed in these organization . As these institution is basic structure for nearly all the sectors a state of recession developed in whole US and Europe and gradually reached to Asian countries .

Effect of Recession on Placement in Indian Engineering colleges

Now if we think about the placement scenario of Indian Engineering colleges we should look at recession according to India's prospective . Since very few Indian banks or organization were involved in this type of practice so in this prospective , recession does not have much effect on Indian economy . But since Indian IT sector is partially being flourished by US economy and lending institution , we can't neglect it's devastating effect on Indian IT sector .

The effect is clear as top hiring IT companies has clearly stated that they will go slow on campus hiring. Most likely every college would see a decline in there placement this year. IIT's has already hit the blow and IIT Pawai has recorded only 53 % Placement this year , but yeah the fact is that actually many people opted for higher studies rather than doing a job during recession.

So , Conclusion is this that even people would be getting placed during campus placement there will be a huge decline qualitatively as well as quantitatively . People should try some new options or new tactics which they have presently in this tough time . People can either go for Higher studies like MBA , MS form foreign studies , but the scholarship amount has also been reduced since the time of recession in US based Universities . People can go for their own start-ups or anything like this . But the fact is that if you get a job now, even it is below your standard , don't loose it , because as recession is a temporary condition you would be much better than the people who are not opting for job , after this temporary time get over if you would be continuing the job till that time . According to the news since Indian government and even US government is trying to raise the conditions of the financial institutions or organization, this time won't last for much . I am hoping that this time soon get over so that we can again see the flourishing economic time and better placement.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

BITS, Pilani - Hyderabad Campus

The much awaited BITS -Pilani Hyderabad Campus started it's journey in the academic year 2008-09 . This campus will be another milestone in the glorious history of BITS-Pilani's Campuses . But still people have doubt about it's present condition in the field of Engineering colleges . It's not a inch back from other BITS -Pilani 's Campuses in field of Facilities , Professors etc. But Obviously experience is the thing which does matter in this field . It's like a small child waving it's hand and showing presence to everybody . In future it will surely gloom as a beautiful flower and will spread it's fragrance in the field of Enginnering . So, now let's don't go deep to the philosophical discussion of college and i should put down the real condition of the college .

Geographical background
The institute has acquired a land of 200 acres in Jawahar Nagar, Shameerpet Mandal from the Government of Andhra Pradesh through HUDA. This Campus in planned with an outlay of about Rs. 270 crores . Now I will say that this is a huge money but compared to research facilities needed to run a pioneer engineering college . But as a startup part it can be considered as a very good amount .

Education Process
The Institute operates its education programmes at three tiers of education, namely, the Integrated First Degree programmes, Higher Degree programmes and the Doctoral programmes.

Integrated First Degree Programmes
The Integrated First Degree Programmes are offered at the first tier with nomenclatures like B.E. (Hons.), M.Sc. (Hons.), and M.Sc. (Tech.). The se are all level wise equivalent degrees.

These are called integrated degrees for two reasons
1. There are several common courses amongst these degrees
2. No intermediate degrees, like B.Sc., B.Sc.(Hons.), B.A., B.A.(Hons.), etc. are awarded. These degrees are based on a modular structure and their academic requirements are spelt out in respect of the number of courses and units rather than the number of years.

All these programmes are structured in such a way that normally a student will be able to finish a programme in eight semesters. Of course, the flexibility of the Institute allows a student to do his programme at a faster pace and finish it earlier than 8 semesters or at a slower pace to finish it alter than 8 semesters.

All programmes offered at BITS, Pilani-Hyderabad are split into three groups as follows:

Group A (Engineering)
Chemical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Electrical and Communications Engineering
Computer Science
Civil Engineering
B. Pharmacy

Group B (Sciences)
Biological Sciences

Group C (M.Sc. Tech)
Information Systems

The Entrance Exam for BITS - Pilani Hyderabad Campus is also BITSAT . People are selected for these colleges according to preferences and their respective BITSAT score . In case of any doubt about the entrance exam or selection please mail me @

Thursday, July 24, 2008

What makes you an IITian ??

Today when a student thinks of his carrier in the field of engineering, he suddenly develops a dream of becoming an IIT Engineer. It was foretold that by some of my elders that for getting admission in IIT’s you really need to be intelligent. But with new complete fee structure and government policy of caste discrimination this proverb is loosing its value.

If today young aspirants will ask me about the admission in IIT’s, I will simply reply him back that you require two things for becoming an IIT Engineer.

1. 1. You should have a real conceptual mind (or you can develop them in new trends higher secondary school i.e. deemed Coaching Institutes).

2. 2. Your Father’s pocket should be full of cash (a turning point for becoming an IIT Engineer).

Today when any student starts his preparation for JEE, the most important step is

· Selection of Coaching

Due to recent change in the examination pattern of JEE, it has become important even for a real intelligent person to join coaching for JEE. These new higher secondary schools of India are the real makers of IITian. Without these a person can’t think of becoming an IITian.

Now, if we take a look over the fees taken by these reputed schools for providing their valuable efforts to make the future of your children, you will come to know the importance of these institutes for your child.

There are basically two modes of joining a coaching institute. Either you can go to hub cities of coaching institutes like KOTA, DELHI etc, or you can do preparation in your home with a less popular coaching institute and a correspondence of any hot shot coaching.

Plan A: - Preparation in HUB CITIES



Coaching tuition fee

Rs. 40,000/- per annum

Housing charge

Rs. 2000/- per month

Mess charge

Rs. 1500/- per month

Stationary charges

Rs. 700/- per month

Other charges

Rs.1200/- per month

Plan B: - Preparation in your own city



Coaching tuition fees

Rs. 35,000/- per annum

Stationary charges

Rs. 700/- per month

Correspondence material charges

Rs. 12,000/- per annum

Plan A, Total expenditure in two years: - Rs. 1, 44,480.

Plan B, Total expenditure in two years: - Rs. 1, 02, 400.

Now even after this there is no surety that your child is going to get selection in any of the IIT’s with any shit branch. So, there is a trend of wasting one important year of your life which is called as a drop in these new Higher Secondary School. Even if you have got something in other good colleges like NIT’s etc. they will force you to waste one year to get admission in IIT’s.

I don’t want anyone to not get selected in these IIT’s in the first attempt of JEE , after two year of comprehensive study in these Institutes, but since due to great population of India as the percentage of selection is only 2% . So, around 40% of the student who don’t get select in there fresh year, take drop and again start cramming for JEE. As with new pattern of JEE, the importance of cramming is more than the mere intelligence of a candidate.

Now you have chased your dream and you have got admission in prestigious IIT’s, but your father’s pocket is going to suffer a lot . Now, here is the fees structure of an IIT (Revised one which came into effect in current year 2008-09)


Fees for B.Tech/DD/ 5-Yr M.Sc. students admitted during the academic year 2008-09

Now this is fees payable for one semester in IIT Bombay and the mess charges are not included in this as it depends on the intake of a child. Mess advance normally comes as 15,000/- per semester . So, if we add up the fees of one year excluding the refundable fees and the fees that is being charge annually.

Total = Rs. 1,02,752 (for GN/OBC) , Rs. 52,752 (for SC/ST)

Now total cost for making your child an IITian if your child clears JEE in his first attempt would be around = (1, 44,480 + 4*1,02,352) = Rs. 5,53,888 /-

So, now it would be quite sure for you all that for becoming an IITian your child should have brain and you should also have money which is really a turning point in your child’s selection in JEE and for the dream of your child to become an IITian.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Ranking of Indian engineering Universities

Recently Cybermetrics Lab did a survey of all the Universities in Indian subcontinent region .They finally came up with the Rankings of Top 100 Universities present in Indian subcontinent (it also includes Pakistan , bhutan etc.) . I sorted out the universities which offers engineering in their curriculum . These are all Indian universities .


Name of the Universities






























































for more information about the rankings visit .
for further queries contact me at

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Placement statistics of NSIT- Delhi

Netaji Subash Institute of technology (NSIT) is located in outer area of Western Delhi. It established in 1983 as a Delhi Institute of technology at kashmere gate.It was renamed as Netaji Subash Institute of Technology in 1997 and got shifted to new campus Dwarkain in 1998. The college has an intake of 420 students. It has got five discipline groups ----
  1. Electronics and Communication Engg.
  2. Computer Engg.
  3. Instrumentation and control Engg.
  4. Manufacturing Processes & automation engg.
  5. Information Technology
Recently college is trying to get one more B.E. degree programme i.e. biotechnology . College also has a distinguished Higher degree programmes under following disciplines i.e. Information Systems , signal processing & Process control .

College has distinguished placement record and it's getting an increase in placement year by year.
The placement percentage for this year is being shown in table below:-

Now I will be presenting here the list of companies visited for the placement in recent two years and the intake by them . Salary ranges from 2 to 5.50 lac.

The maximum placement for the academic year 2007-08 was 13 lac with an average salary pay of approx 3 lac .The college has got a lot of reputation in Delhi which can be easily seen from the choices of students for the colleges in CEE in recent years .

The overall placement of college can be considered as satisfactory . But , As the location of college is highly favorable for the placement , it has not shown any output like which can be termed as "Awesome ". But , it's a new college and it will gain success in recent years . The placement of college will increase in coming time as it's reputation is increasing day by day . So , it's a very good choice for a student who didn't get through IIT's or BITS-Pilani or who is getting a crap branch in these colleges .